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Olivia Burton Watches

OLIVIA BURTON are a brand founded on a dream. Two best friends dreamed up the now-famous watch brand with sustainability in mind.  Where sustainability starts with taking care of what you have and buying things that last for a long time. With an inspiration from vintage, fashion, and nature, OLIVIA BURTON watches are something different from anything else out there.

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OLIVIA BURTON watches are a fusion of great design and timeless elegance. Each watch is a piece of art that tells a story, whether it's their beautiful dials designs, impressive Roman numerals, or their signature dainty floral motifs.  When you wear an OLIVIA BURTON timepiece, it's not just about telling time - it's about making a statement.

They create an aesthetic statement. Looking to the past for inspiration, the brand offers vintage-inspired watches that are both fashionable and functional. From bold designs to versatile pieces, you'll never have to sacrifice your style for practicality again.