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UNOde50 is known for crafting unique, chic, and boho-chic pieces of jewellery, and they place a great deal of emphasis on quality and exclusivity in everything it does. If you are looking for hypoallergenic silver-plated jewellery that will make you stand out from the crowd, then look no further. In the late 90s, the Madrid-based company UNOde50 was founded in response to the need for a contemporary and stylish jewellery brand that would deviate from the current trends. It started a revolution that utilised traditional jewellery processes and techniques in an effort to create something completely new. Explore our range of UNOde50 jewellery.

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After the brand was created, it was necessary to create a jewelry style that stood out from the already existing styles in Madrid in the late nineties. It's like a revolution of sorts, in which traditional jewellery techniques and processes are used to make something new.

In the late '90s, José Azulay bought UNOde50 to create unique jewelry with unique designs and with few pieces available at once. Creating something special, unique, and with a unique sense of personality was his goal.

Each design in the initial UNOde50 collection was limited to 50 pieces. The brand's commitment to quality and exclusivity had to change after it became successful.

The UNOde50 collection will continue to be handmade, but each piece will be a limited edition of 50 and UNOde50 has continued to tell its own story more than twenty years later.