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Nomination Jewellery & Bracelet Charms

NOMINATION bracelet charms for all types of people for all ages and walks of life.

Express yourself with 3 different charm styles of 18kt yellow gold, 9kt rose gold, or classic 925 sterling silver.

Whatever is important to you whether it be family, friends, travel, animals or even music, we have a NOMINATION charm for you

Choose your Base Bracelet colour, pick your size, select your charm.

October 1st - 26th
Free Base Bracelet*
when you spend £35 ore more on Nomination Charms
and, also free engraving on your charm of choice!

NOMINATION Starter Base Bracelets

NOMINATION Starter Base Bracelets

This is where the NOMINATION journey begins. Selecting your choice of Base Bracelet and pick the perfect size for you. From 11cm for little people to 21cm for the more mature wrist size.

A group of 5 finishes with the Classic Silver coloured steel, Rose and Yellow Gold finishes and now with the new Midnight Blue and Gunmetal Black.

Choose your Base

Gold NOMINATION Bracelet Charms

NOMINATION 18kt Yellow Gold Charms

Here we've got yellow gold NOMINATION bracelets charms decorated with Letters for names, Numbers for ages, and Animals and Flowers for the lovers of nature.

A collection of plain gold, colourful enamel, and creatively designed bracelet links with sparkling stones that enable you or a loved one to wear a unique piece of everyday jewellery.

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Rose Gold NOMINATION Bracelet Charms

NOMINATION 9kt Rose Gold Charms

Here's where you can find Rose Gold NOMINATION charms. Bracelet links adorned with beautiful stones, decorative patterns, and also engravable charms to enable you to create a bespoke gift.

Whether you wish to be personal, sentimental, or if you are more of the decorative type, you can make your Rose Gold NOMINATION bracelet suited to you.

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Silver NOMINATION Bracelet Charms

NOMINATION 925 Sterling Silver Charms

NOMINATION silver charms are known as the SilverShine Collection. Stainless steel bracelet links which are decorated with sterling silver designs influenced from all areas of life.

The charming silver bracelet charms are a mix of polished and oxidised designs that showcase hearts, birthstones, sentiments, and a great deal more.

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How do you attach NOMINATION bracelet charms? Like this.

How do you add and remove NOMINATION bracelet charms - 1. Pull the linked bracelet so that they expand.


1. Pull the linked bracelet so that it expands and opens up.

How do you add and remove NOMINATION bracelet charms - 2. Find the two Links you want to separating, grasp them and unhook.


2. Find the links you wish to separate; grab them and unhook them apart.

How do you add and remove NOMINATION bracelet charms - 3. Hook on your charm and link together the rest of the bracelet.


3. Hook on your designated charm and link them back together to rest.


Paolo Gensini, and his ingenious intuition, created NOMINATION and it began with the Composable Collection: a modular stainless steel bracelet which you can personalise with your own individual pieces.

Each bracelet charm is either adorned with yellow gold, rose gold, or sterling silver and these were attached together using its clever design where it holds a spring mechanism enabling you to create a bracelet with individual letters to spell out your name.

This is how it all began.

Now, after a number of years, the Composable collection represents people of all ages and all walks of life with thousands of individual designs so that there could never be a NOMINATION bracelet the same.