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December Birthstone Jewellery

It is the December birthstone both for Tanzanite and Turquoise. Tanzanite does not have historical significance since it was discovered relatively recently. For its beauty and rarity, tanzanite is more valuable than diamonds due to its limited supply and one location. Historically, turquoise has been prized for its vivid colour, making it one of the first gems ever mined. It is rare to find turquoise in its natural state, despite its wide availability. It has an interesting history, as well as many fascinating properties. Browse through our selection of December birthstone jewellery.

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As opposed to many other gems, turquoise is opaque. Its blue-green colour varies from sky blue to greenish-blue to pale green. Bluer stones tend to have more copper, so they're more valuable. The turquoise is sometimes crisscrossed with matrix, a pattern formed by the surrounding stone, which devalues it.