How Can I Add NOMINATION Charms to My Bracelet?

The handy key tool makes it easy to add Nomination charms to your bracelet

“I have tried to add the charm to my NOMINATION bracelet, but I keep dropping it. What should I do?”

“My daughter normally adds my charms on to my NOMINATION bracelet for me but she’s on holiday. What should I do?”

“My son has tried and tried but we can’t do it. Can you help?”

“How do I add charms to my Nomination bracelet?”

These are questions we are asked every day.

The main thing to remember is, “practice makes perfect”.

However, the other main thing to remember is that the handy NOMINATION Charm Tool Key makes adding a charm easy.

This tool key is your best friend when you need to add links to your bracelet. Follow the simple instructions below and you will be able to add and remove charms to your NOMINATION bracelet without breaking any nails or losing your temper.

How do I add NOMINATION bracelet charms to my bracelet with a charm tool key?

  1. The NOMINATION bracelet uses a hook and eye system.
  2. Select the Classic arm of the key tool
  3. Then insert the curved edge of the arm and slide the charm back so you can see the hook underneath.
  4.  The key tool should sit securely in the bed of your charm.
  5. Use your finger and thumb to pull back the charm at the end of your bracelet.
  6. Hook the two charms together.

Well done. You have added a charm to you Nomination bracelet

How do I add NOMINATION bracelet charms to my bracelet without a charm tool key?

I’ll be honest. This is more difficult. The main thing is to keep trying.

Take a look at the images below to see how we add Nomination charms to bracelets in our store.

Expand the bracelet and pull it gently so the links space apart.
Identify where you want to add or remove your charm and slide the links apart.
Hook your new charm over the open link.

It really is quite simple. Congratulations, you can now add a NOMINATION charm to your base bracelet.

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