Express yourself with maximum impact.

Get ready to go out again.

Do you want maximum impact for maximum style? Look no further than Swarovski’s new collection.

Swarovski has a new Global Creative Director – Giovanna Engelbert who has worked at Vogue magazine. And she is making quite an impact.

You can read more about her fashion background on her Wikipedia page here. Giovanna’s Instagram page is a great one to follow – full of bold style and statements. They are an interesting family – her sister is Sara Battaglia – another style icon. Sara’s Instagram page here is hugely envy-inspiring.

Giovanna’ new collection for Swarovski has been officially unveiled. It’s very eyecatching and lets you capture a bit of her maximum impact style.

The new collection mixes green, purple, pink and red and echoes Giovanna’s bold style. 

Dulcis Pink Cocktail Ring – only £165

Hopefully we will soon be able to go out and about more freely. If you’re after a showstopper piece to impress after a year of staying in, look no further.

Milennia single ear cuff for simple but effective style

SWAROVSKI’s new collection will get you noticed. Ear cuffs of a single, large crystal will give your style an immediate edge.

The Constella collection is like a row of stars strung together.

The Constella Collection is like a string of stars or comets

Let’s ditch dull styles, bin bland colours and obliterate the ordinary. 2021 is the year to make a statement.

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