Different ways to wear Nomination

There are thousands of different Nomination items and tens of thousands of different ways to wear them. Here are just a few!

Choose your style. Do you want your charms to reflect your personality and life? You can wear charms that show the world what your interests and loves are. You might like Wales, beer and rainbows. Or you might like butterflies, travel, cycling – there is a charm just for you.

If you like balance and symmetry and want a bracelet that is striking, you can repeat your favourite charms and choose less personal ones. In the below image, the wearer has repeated the blue topaz and kept to a silver and CZ theme for the other charms.

A different way to wear Nomination is as an anklet. Perfect for the summer with tanned legs or a casual pair of trousers. The composable bracelets are stretchy and don’t pinch the skin so make perfect anklets. Jusna, from The Painted Tree in Leicestershire is a big fan of this. She finds them so comfortable and eyecatching to wear.


Want another different way to wear Nomination? How about as a choker necklace? Again, as Nomination is stretchy and doesn’t pinch the skin, it is comfortable and unusual. You will need to add charms to make it longer, or join two together. We have also seen someone wear their Nomination bracelet as a belt.

Your furry friend can also get in on the act with this Nomination dog collar, although we don’t have these in stock yet.

One different and easy way to wear your Nomination is to stack it, like this customer has. She has mixed personal bracelets with symmetrical ones to make maximum impact.

However you wear your Nomination jewellery, it’s up to you. Your life, your style. Enjoy.

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