All That Glitters

The BBC’s latest talent show is All That Glitters.

It’s a familiar format. Very similar to the The Great British Bake Off, but with jewellery instead of cakes. Eight talented jewellers compete over six weeks to be crowned the Next Big Thing.

However, are you left cold by this new show or are you enjoying this insight into how jewellers make our jewellery?

Shaun and Katherine making Hugo feel nervous!

Comments on Twitter are mixed. Reactions to the jewellery are also mixed. @lyndsayva said “Tamara’s ring reminds me of a prosthetic eyeball #AllThatGlitters”

@mariebettydavis is more of a fan tweeting “Time to get warm under the covers, #allthatglitters is on!”
@RoyalFool3 was happy with the serious tone of the show, saying “People complain about the judges on #allthatglitters because they are not “fun” nor “humorous”. I would rather have my worked judged by the top names in the industry who have been there and done that, as opposed to someone who “cracks a smile” now and then.”

Lee or Luigi?

However Lee Appleby tried to lighten the mood by dressing as Luigi from Mario Karts

But who are the judges?

@decoverlet#AllThatGlitters thinks “the pro judges lack energy” but

@RickyOrr thinks that “the judges are warm while also doing what they are there to do”

Solange Azagury-Partridge and Shaun Leane are big names in the jewellery world.

Shaun Leane

Shaun Leane has a long celebrity client list and designed Princess Beatrice’s engagement and wedding rings. He started training as a jeweller at age 15 and his creations are in the V&A and The Metropolitan Museum. His most famous ranges are TUSK and CHERRY BLOSSOM.

If you like Shaun’s style however you can’t afford his prices, you might like Ania Haie.

Ania Haie Luxe Necklace £69

Solange Azagury-Partridge

Solange Azagury-Partridge also has pieces in museums. Her style is very bold – take a look here and tell us what you think. Some of it is quite rude. We are not sure how some of it would go down on the school run. If you like the bold style whilst not liking the bold prices, you might like this.

Statement pieces from Unode50

Bespoke items

If you’d like a bespoke item, give us a call or contact us here.

We can create bespoke items or remodel existing items. Do you have a ring from an aunt that you can’t wear? We can make it into a necklace. Do you have sn item in an old-fashioned setting? We can make it more modern.

Our goldsmith is glad he has more time to compete his projects and can craft them properly without judges walking round tutting.

We can’t promise you anything quite like Solange’s creations, but we can promise you something you will love.

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