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Power stones and their meanings

What is a power stone and how can they help you? It is more important than ever that we keep healthy. The NHS is under pressure and, in addition, mental health is a big issue as many of us are struggling with living through a pandemic. Therefore, in times of uncertainty, many of us look for ways to be more mindful. As a result and to help us to calm anxiety and stress alternative therapies like crystal healing are becoming more and more popular. Who uses power stones? The idea... Read More


At Bonds we have gifts for every occasion

We can help you choose that special gift for every occasion at Bonds Jewellers. As we know, buying gifts for others can often be challenging. Whether it’s a gift for an anniversary, a birthday or a graduation, we have everything to make their hearts melt. Engagement & Anniversary Gifts Whether you’re thinking about getting down on one knee, or need something special for your anniversary, we have lots of ideas for your loved one. Time flies when you’re in love! There’s never a wrong time to give the gift of... Read More


Different ways to wear Nomination

There are thousands of different Nomination items and tens of thousands of different ways to wear them. Here are just a few! Choose your style. Do you want your charms to reflect your personality and life? You can wear charms that show the world what your interests and loves are. You might like Wales, beer and rainbows. Or you might like butterflies, travel, cycling – there is a charm just for you. If you like balance and symmetry and want a bracelet that is striking, you can repeat your favourite... Read More

Thank you, teacher gift ideas

It’s certainly been a strange year for schoolchildren and teachers. None of us expected things to go the way they have and it’s been a very tricky year. Has your teacher or classroom assistant been a star? Remote learning isn’t easy – even with Joe Wicks to help out. Even when our children could go to school there was a good chance they would be sent home to isolate. Throughout all this our teachers and classroom assistants have had to remain cheerful and positive. Why not send some end-of-term appreciation... Read More

BBC TV's All That Glitters 30/04/2021

All That Glitters

All That Glitters is a jewellery talent show. It is very similar to the The Great British Bake Off, but with jewellery instead of cakes. Eight talented jewellers compete over six weeks to be crowned the Next Big Thing.

How Do I Clean My NOMINATION Bracelet and Charms?

How Should I Clean My NOMINATION Bracelet and Charms? How to clean your NOMINATION Bracelet and Charms. Everyone loves it when their jewellery sparkles and looks amazing for longer, right? That’s why NOMINATION Italy have a special cleaning cloth for your composable bracelet and charms. Look inside the nooks and crannies of your bracelet. You’ll see that dirt builds up over time which then creates bacteria, so making sure your bracelet is clean is very important to you and your wellbeing. Here are a few useful tips on, how to... Read More