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Engelsrufer Angel Whisperer

Do you believe in guardian angels? We have been thinking how it is possible, not only to imagine your own personal guardian angel but rather to "call " your angel .

An ancient tradition has helped. The "Engelsrufer" - a precious jewel, which is fragile like an angel but strong enough to help in all situations.

Each "Engelsrufer" - bell inside the sound ball has its own unique and subtle sound. The delicate chime should call our guardian angels to our side, so that they can protect us from all dangers .

The harmonic sound of the "Engelsrufer" is also good in early childhood to promote development and to bring relaxation for the wearer . The enchanting story is reflected in the unique design and in the precise crafting of each " Engelsrufer " .


Engelsrufer is a lovely gift for special occasions, as good luck symbol to loved ones so that they are protected. Bonds Jewellers are thrilled to offer you this enchanting new range.

Engelsrufer Angel Whisperer